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The Andropenis Gold penis enlarger is the most scientifically advanced natural penis enhancement method alternative to penile enlargement surgery. It has also been designed for Peyronie's disease treatment and penis curvature correction, and is the world's most effective and superior medical grade penis enhancement device of it's kind. It is globally approved, patented and certified and is made by a genuine medical company with over 25 years experience in male sexual health specializing in urology. No other natural penis enhancement method even comes close to the safety, quality or effectiveness of the Andropenis. This is due to the scientific design and prior medical research and clinical trials done on the Andropenis before the release over 20 years ago. It works by creating a smooth & gentle expansion process by applying a very precise and finely tuned continuous traction force on the penis. When using the Andropenis the body has time to grow and adapt to the stimulation which results in a safe and permanent enlargement process within the penis.

Andropenis_before_cell_division                Andropenis_during_cell_division

When using the Andropenis with our bonus fast results male enhancement guides (only available through this website) accelerated results can be expected of up to 3 inches in 6 months of use. We recommend daily use of between 1 to 4 hours, up to 5 days a week until your desired penis enlargement or curvature correction results have been reached. You can of course customize the amount of use to fit your own lifestyle, although that regime will bring about very rapid results. The beauty about our Andropenis packages is the results are based on accumulated use, simply put the more you use, the more you will gain. This scientifically proven method of traction causes an adaptive reaction and stimulates growth in length by lengthening the suspensory ligament which is the main determining factor of overall length in the male penis and also girth (thickness) by stimulating the penile tissues at a biological level increasing cellular multiplication resulting in a wider and fuller penis. Penis enlargement can start to be noticed within 10-14 days if used regularly, all penis enlargement results are permanent with Andropenis.

Andropenis being used showing cell division

Andromedical found that a very precise amount of tension needs to be applied for and safe and effective penis enlargement results. There is a very fine line between what works well and what can potentially cause harm. Andromedical has perfected this knowledge through almost 10 years of scientific research, studies and medical clinical trials before the release of the Andropenis, over 20 years ago.

Andropenis being used with comfort pad               Andropenis penis size before and after example

Take a look at our different male enhancement packages to the left of this page for one that will deliver the results you require. We have packages designed for 1.5 inch up to 4 inch penis enlargement gains and between 40% to 70% penis curvature correction.

All packages include 100% discreet overnight shipping in the United States (express shipping worldwide), our 30 day best price guarantee (if you find cheaper we will refund you the difference up to 30 days after your purchase) our exclusive extended lifetime warranty, 24 hour customer support and our 6 month satisfaction money back guarantee. These extra inclusions are only available through this website.

Feel free to use the live chat feature at the bottom left of this page or please email us 24-7 at for further information or enquires, our team answers all emails within minutes.

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